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About Japanese japamala

Have you heard of Buddhist japamala?

Just as Christianity has its rosary and Islam has its prayer beads, Buddhism also has its own set of beads. Among the various forms of Buddhism worldwide, the Japanese japamala has evolved in a unique way.

They are excellent tools for counting mantras and Nembutsu. Moreover, they are durable and beautifully crafted. I wish to share this knowledge and craftsmanship with the world.

If you’re interested in Japanese Buddhism, consider getting Japanese Buddhist beads. I’m here to assist you.

The term “ICHIREN” refers to the way Japanese japamala are counted. It signifies one full count of the japamala.

We operate a small workshop, so we don’t mass-produce. I will craft a single japamala, “ICHIREN”, just for you.

Spread across the globe

Available for purchase with international delivery.

In our online shop, we recommend using the translation function of your browser, as our site may not be in your primary language. Please note that our online shop does not have an international shipping function. If you find a product you’d like, kindly reach out to us via email and we will assist with the shipping process.

Online shop

You can learn the art of crafting and gain knowledge on making Japanese japamala through our online school. We offer numerous instructional videos for your convenience.

Japamala School Online

Payment is PayPal.

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