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About Japanese japamala

Do you know Buddhist japamala?

Like the Christian rosary and the Islamic rosary, Buddhism has beads.Among the Buddhisms of the world, Japanese japamala has undergone a unique evolution.

They have a great function for counting mantras and Nembutsu.Also, they are durable. Beautiful finish.
I want to convey this knowledge and technology to the world.

If you are interested in Japanese Buddhism, get Japanese buddhist beads.I can help it.

The title “ICHIREN” is how to count Japanese japamara.
It means one japamara.

We are a small workshop. It cannot be mass-produced.
I will make one japamara “ICHIREN” for you.

Spread across the globe

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In the online shop, please use the translation function of your browser.The online shop does not have the function of overseas shipping. If you find the product you want, please email us.

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You can learn how to make and know how to make Japanese japamala. There is an online school.You can watch a lot of videos.

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