Good Prayer Beads

What are good prayer beads?

The definition of “good prayer beads” is a complex and nuanced issue.

Firstly, the most straightforward aspect is physical quality. The beads should be made of high-quality materials, well-crafted, and well-assembled. Naturally, this level of quality comes at a higher price point.

Does that mean plastic or resin beads are bad? If asked, I wouldn’t say they are inherently bad. However, they are generally made with the intention of being disposable and without the need for tassel replacement, so we don’t recommend them.

Some people may say, “It’s a matter of sentiment, so quality doesn’t matter,” but in my opinion, prayer beads also carry a strong sense of “personal grooming.” People often become more aware of their thoughts and feelings when they materialize them, so taking care of one’s appearance is important.

For example, in the business world, the quality of your hairstyle, attire, wallet, and even the pen you use are tools for gaining trust and boosting your own motivation. The same goes for women’s makeup and accessories.

I often see prayer beads like this.

Surprisingly, when you go to a funeral, you often see people dressed in fine formal wear, wearing high-end leather shoes and brand-name watches, but holding prayer beads made of worn-out plastic.

It’s not about spending a lot of money; it’s about balance. In this example, you can tell that people who can afford to wear nice things in other aspects of their appearance are being careless when it comes to their prayer beads.

You’d probably notice if someone were wearing a child’s plastic watch at a formal event. And even if the watch itself is nice, wouldn’t you feel embarrassed if the leather band were peeling and ragged?

Strangely enough, many people don’t seem to mind using their prayer beads, even when they are in clearly embarrassing conditions. While it’s fine to use inexpensive ones, the blatant neglect is not pleasant to see.

The photos show the same prayer beads, but what a difference a little care can make. Which set of prayer beads do you own that closely resembles one of these?

Tending to the tassel is the bare minimum of grooming.

During times like this, you can steam the tassel with hot water while applying a little tension to straighten it out nicely. If you notice parts that are about to break between the beads or at the base of the tassel, it’s recommended to have it repaired before it breaks. If the tassel is dirty, discolored, or faded, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

Kinked tasse
Neatly arranged tassel

Take a moment when you have some free time to check whether your prayer beads fall under the category of “good prayer beads.”



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