The Value of Prayer Beads

The Value of Prayer Beads

The value of prayer beads varies from person to person. What’s important is the value they hold for the individual. There are times when it’s cheaper to buy a new set of beads rather than repairing the old ones. This is something many of us have experienced, not just with prayer beads but with electronics and other items as well.

However, what sets prayer beads apart from electronics is the emotional attachment often associated with them. It could be “the only keepsake left behind by a deceased father,” “something given by your mother as part of your wedding trousseau,” or “purchased after the loss of a husband.” The reasons are diverse, and often they can’t be quantified in material terms. In such cases, the argument that “it’s cheaper to buy new” doesn’t serve as a significant deterrent.

Rather than storing them in a broken state, it’s better to have them beautifully repaired and continue to use them. Furthermore, the opportunity for those living in the present to join their palms in prayer, thanks to a single string of memorable beads, is truly wonderful.

Gifts of Prayer Beads

Interestingly, many of the prayer beads we sell are actually intended as gifts. They may serve as commemorative items from temples to temple members, tokens of gratitude, or presents from a mother-in-law to a daughter-in-law. They can also be gifts to sons entering the workforce. Such prayer beads carry sentimental value and often evoke thoughts of the occasion on which they were received.

Even those who purchase beads for themselves tend to speak fondly of the choices they’ve made, saying things like, “I bought these when I was young because I really liked them.” When we handle these beads, we feel that they are indeed “good prayer beads.” Although repairs are more labor-intensive and less profitable than selling new items—leading many in the industry to avoid them—we prefer to focus on mending prayer beads that have gained added value from their sentimental attachments. We want to preserve “good prayer beads.”

We believe that the existence of “good prayer beads” may hold more significance for future generations than even a segment of a sermon.

Material Satisfaction is No Longer Enough

Considering the needs of the times, it feels like we’ve reached a point of saturation when it comes to material satisfaction. We are now in an era where value is found in “sentiments” rather than material things. For instance, wouldn’t you find it more enviable to hear about someone who has had their grandfather’s 70-year-old domestic wristwatch repaired and still uses it, rather than someone who bought a coveted Rolex because their bonus went up?

That’s why we think it’s important for people to carefully choose items they truly love, whether they are buying new or opting for repairs.